Region 4A

Polilio Island

Polilio Island, the largest of 27 land masses that make up the Polilio Group of Islands, can be found on the northeastern side of Quezon Province. The municipality of Polillo is on the southern part of the island. The municipality of Burdeos is on the eastern portion of the island. And the municipality of Panukulan is on the northern portion of the island.

Pagsanjan Falls

The ruggedly beautiful 91-meter Pagsanjan Falls is one of Laguna’s most popular tourist attractions. To get to the falls, take the scenic one-hour boat ride that takes you up the Bumbungan and Balanac Rivers. Two boatmen will help navigate your wooden canoe past trees, vines, bush and local wildlife. The river ride back down is a thrilling ride that passes 14 rapids.

Los Baños – Calamba

The city of Los Baños is on the western side of Laguna de Bay. Because it lies on the slopes of Mt. Makiling and is surrounded by a lush forest, the place is refreshingly cool. This makes it a popular weekend getaway for Metro Manila people.


Why read a history book when you can walk through a place where history was made? We recommend touring the province of Cavite —the seat of the revolution against Spain in the late 1800s.


What Corregidor lacks in size, it more than makes up for with its significant role in Philippine history. This island is just 6.5 kilometers by 2 kilometers in land area. It’s located right at the entrance of Manila Bay, some 48 kilometers west of Metro Manila.