Sultan Kudarat

From hilly inlands to coastal towns, the province is incredibly blessed with natural resources; so rich in fact, that much of the flora and fauna have not been fully discovered.  And it has just opened its doors to investment and tourism. So head on out and blaze your own trail.

Looking for low-key and sun soaked beaches?  Try the town of Kalamansig. From the pebble-washed white of Lenek, Santiak and Tayandak to Poral’s dark grey, the beaches are special coves you can have all to yourself. The emerald waters are so clear, you don’t need to get off the boat to see what’s underneath. And here’s a well-kept secret: the coastal towns of Kalamansig, Palembang and Lebak are swarming with yellow fin tuna, dolphins, and whales.

In Tacurong, view thousands of birds at the Baras Bird Sanctuary. In 1996, there were only four egrets in this area, and now it’s home to 20,000. No one knows why they are here, but we sure are glad these migratory creatures chose to stay.

After a busy day of beach and bird-watching, the capital Isulan provides a glimpse of Philippine Islamic architecture. The five-storey Capitol building, with its golden dome, is one of the most attractive state buildings in the country. Take a tour and see for yourself. And of course, a capitol building isn’t complete without a monument to the greatest leader of the Maguindanaoans—Sultan Kudarat.