Sarangani is divided into two districts and is intersected by the composite city of General Santos. Here, the adventures are vast and varied from mountain to sea.

Touted as the “Boracay of Mindanao,” Gumasa Beach in the old Indonesian settlement of Glan, has the powder white sand people go crazy for. If you’re looking for overcrowded bars, don’t go here. If you want to kick back and relax with a coconut in hand, then check this place out. It’s also well worth a dive or two.

Your jump off point: Lemlunay Resort in Maasim.  The Abyss, Maasim Reef and Sumbang Point are just a few of the reefs teeming with cabbage corals, juvenile white tip sharks, marine turtles, and butterfly fish.

And for the adrenaline junkie in you, stay in the township of Maitum. Walk through bamboo hanging bridges and tube down the wild river Pangi. This isn’t  for the fainthearted!

Or hike through the rainforested Barangay Zion and spelunk in one of its many caves. This town is so old, archaeologists have found 2,000-year-old burial jars in its caves!  These terracotta jars with faces, arms and legs and are so unique they were deemed National Cultural Treasures. Find these in the Maitum Capitol Museum among other artifacts.

For a closer look at the lives of the indigenous B’laan, visit Lemlifew Village.  Established by the Lemlifew Women’s Tribal Association, the cultural village houses are samples of B’laan architecture. Here you can learn the ways of the B’laan including their music, song and dress.

This is Saragani just for starters. For an in-depth look, explore, engage and get lost in the area for a little – or a long-while.