Santiago City

Several religious groups have opened their places of worship to the public, giving people a glimpse into a different way of living. You can go temple hopping between the Chinese temple, the Muslim mosque and the Hindu temples. It’s a good way to understand the mixed cultural makeup of this wonderfully tolerant city.

Locals say you haven’t been to Santiago if you haven’t visited the Balay na Santiago. This well-maintained museum house has a wide-ranging display of old photos, antique furniture, and other cultural and historical memorabilia.

Being in Cagayan Province, of course Santiago has something active to offer. But Cavalry Hill in Brgy. Balintokatok isn’t just a place for trekking. It’s also a religious site.  The hill is dotted with 14 life-sized depictions of the Catholic Stations of the Cross. When you reach the summit, you’ll find a century-old chapel and a great view of the surrounding area.