Lose your sense of time in the province of Romblon. Its main islands—Tablas, Romblon, and Sibuyan — neighbor those of the nearby municipalities of Banton, Simara, Maestro de Campo and Carabao Island.

The craftsmen of Romblon are best known for marble-making. They can make everything from house tiles to tiny art pieces to life-size sculptures. The marble industry in Romblon, which owes its roots to 1950s Italians, is the country’s best. It’s also certainly the most unique.

Another remarkable thing about this province is the legendary hospitality of the people of Romblon. The province has a nearly zero crime rate. Combine that with the pleasant demeanor of the locals, and it’s no wonder that visitors are comfortable with Romblon.

The hilly islands of Romblon host an array of perfectly formed beaches, their fine white sands fringed with beautiful seashells. The islands of Cobrador and Carabao have the same calming feel.