Region 6 – Western Visayas

Region Six is home to the world-renowned beach of Boracay, and some of the country’s top festivals — Dinagyang, Masskara, and Ati-Atihan. This is a place of color and excitement!

Aklan province is more than just Boracay. Unravel the treasures of the municipality of Buruanga — uncharted dive sites in Batabat Coral Reef and palm-fringed beaches in Malalison Island included. Explore hidden caves clad by dense jungles. Plunge into waterfalls. Visit the Kalibo Piña Village and see how locals turn plant fibers into stunning clothing.

The island of Antique (pronunced an-TEE-keh) has a raw appeal. Despite its prime coastal location, it isn’t on most tourists’ radars. It’s a shame. Antique is flanked by marine reserves, pastoral land, individual mountains, lush jungles and sleepy fishing towns. It’s a great place for people looking for a laidback escape.

Guimaras has clear blue waters, sun-kissed beaches, and a serene vibe. Discover the countless cave formations that lie hidden in its jungles and mountains. Take a refreshing dip in its cold springs.  And in between lounging and exploring, bite into some of the world’s sweetest mangoes.

76 sacks of coins were melted to make the bells of Capiz — the biggest bells in Southeast Asia. Capiz is also the birthplace of the first president of the independent Philippines — Manuel Roxas. This sleepy province has several caves, including the lengthy Suhot Cave, the massive Quipot Cave, and the ancient burial site of Pilar.

The province of Iloilo has signs of its history all over the place. Explore the stunning beaches off Carles and Estancia, and the pine trees and rice terraces in the highlands of Leon and Igbaras.

Bacolod City, the capital of Negros Occidental, hosts the impossibly joyful Masskara Festival every year. It may be the defining image of the province, but it’s not the only great thing about it. Fall in love all over again at The Ruins in Talisay. Wander through the ancestral houses of Silay in the north. Lounge on the beaches of the south. Head to Danjugan Island, and get closer to nature.

Western Visayas is on the beaten track, but it’s still a joy to visit. Enjoy what it has to offer, and seek out its undiscovered attractions.