Region 2 – Cagayan Valley

If you prefer to go off the beaten path, this province is the place to go. There’s a wealth of natural attractions on and around Cagayan Valley’s towering mountains. Sta. Ana and Claveria in Cagayan have dramatic coastlines and unspoiled white sand beaches. Batanes is a less-kept secret that has been a mecca for landscape photographers for the longest time. The Ivatan’s stone houses and culture also add to the island’s raw appeal. Divilican, Maconacon, Dinapigue and Palanan are as un-commercial as it gets. And you’re sure to learn a lot from the Dumagats, a local semi-nomadic indigenous group. Nueva Vizcaya lives up to the local slogan of “Adventure Begins Here.” And Paraiso Tribu Vizcayano really is an adventure paradise. Cauayan boasts of colossal agricultural lands and pastoral enclaves, while Santiago City is a melting pot of diverse religions and ethnic groups. And then there’s idyllic Quirino, full of majestic waterfalls and stunning cave systems.

To explore Cagayan Valley is to go a chain of adventures in a place where history, culture and nature converge. It seems too good to be true. But Cagayan Valley is the place to engage in all your adventure fantasies.