Oriental Mindoro

A steady breeze for most of the year makes Bulalacao is a prime destination for kiteboarders and windsurfers. You can go off-road to nature parks, mountain trails, rivers and waterfalls. You can even meet someone from the local Hanunuo Mangyan indigenous group.

People are starting to discover beautiful Bulalacao. But for now, it remains a quiet sanctuary.

Oriental Mindoro is full of great places to visit. Calapan City fronts the Verde Passage.  The Calapan Nature ParkCaluangan Lakeand Baco-Chico and Horca-Piloto islets are just over an hour’s drive from Puerto Galera. Check out Balite, Parang, and Suqui BeachesBulusan Nature Park and Cave, and the Holy Infant Cathedral.

Calapan is also Mindoro’s urban and trade center. It has been ever since the original Mangyans and Chinese settlers started trading.

A two-hour ride from Calapan City is Bongabong. This interestingly-named place has historic church ruins, inland marine farms and a seafront complete with palms and foot paths.

Bird-lovers will enjoy scouting interesting species at Lake Naujan National Park, on the northeast coast of Mindoro. The threatened Philippine Duck finds his safe haven in this freshwater lake that’s believed to be of volcanic origin. The other wildlife in the area includes the Mindoro “Bleeding Heart” bird, milkfish and crocodiles.