Nueva Vizcaya

In the municipality of  Bayombong, streets are lined with vendors selling citrus fruits like oranges, honey dew, sweet ponkan, yacon, red chandler pomelo, and seedless Satsuma. But if you want to buy wholesale fruits, go for a night shopping spree at Nueva Vizcaya Agricultural Terminal (NVAT) located in the town of Bambang.  Most of the citrus fruits are grown in the cold hinterlands of Kasibu where you can also handpick and buy them.

Bayombong, the capital of Nueva Vizcaya has a handful of attractions for sightseeing. Visit the bricked-walled 17th century St. Dominic Cathedral with octagonal bell tower. Adjacent to the old church is the People Museum’s Library showcasing the rich heritage of the indigenous groups of Nueva Vizcaya. Also standing proudly in Bayombong is the beautifully-manicured Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Capitol touted as the “Luneta of the North.”

While you won’t find a single beach here, Nueva Vizcaya  exhibits such raw appeal that you’ll quickly forget about its lack of sand and sea. Its most famous natural attraction is the massive Capisaan Cave System in Kasibu. Marvel at the gorgeous robust columns attached to slippery flowstones and stunning stalagmites rising from the floor. The mystic Lion-Alayan Cave System boasts of stalactites and draperies with water gushing towards the underground river system.

For more of an off-the-beaten-track excursion, you can hike your way through the beautiful Mt. Pulag via Ambaguio trail. Or take an assault Mt. Pullol for a stunning vista of Mt.Pulag. Nueva Vizcaya has preserved so much of itself in caves, mountains, highlands and wildlife, still far from the wearisome trappings of commercialism. It’s a kind of idyllic enclave that at one time or another, you have fantasized about visiting.