Northern Samar

For starters, beaches are plentiful here. Stay at one of the local resorts to enjoy a stretch of sand to yourself and savor cold drinks and good conversation under the moonlight.

Pick from the honey-colored shores of Onay Beach in Laoang and or the sparkling white sands in San Antonio Island, Dalupiri Island, or Spice of Life.

For somewhere off the beaten path, explore the Naranjo group of islands such as Sila Island with its pinkish sand and Panganoron Island with white sand.

Located close to the National Highway is the municipality of Victoria that serves as the jump-off point to San Antonio Island. The 280-meter steel bridge passing through Mawo River serves as its landmark. The coast here is lined with beautiful beaches have mountains as their back drop. Caves, springs, waterfalls and rivers are accessible too.

Allen is the municipality that connects Luzon to Northern Samar via the RORO (roll on – roll off) boats. In here you’ll find Felixville Resort, Wayang-Wayang Beach Resort, and Paradise Beach which are all budget-friendly and definitely good for big groups.

Capul Island also has its share of white beaches and snorkelling spots. It gets its name from Acapulco in Mexico, owing to its former life as a guidepost for galleons sailing trade routes between Acapulco and Manila.

Go beyond the beach and explore the island’s historical structures, which date back to the late 1800s: the Capul Island Lighthouse, Capul Church and Fortress, and the Batag Island Lighthouse.

For bird watching, the Lalaguna Mangrove Forest in Lavezares hosts different migratory birds.  It’s best if you ride a paddle boat here to get closer to nature.

It’s Biri Island, however, that really amps up Northern Samar’s wow factor. Forget food and drinks, what you absolutely shouldn’t forget to pack is your camera. Stunning rock formations — monstrous cliffs, boulders and crags naturally carved by the ocean waves and winds — make for views that will bring out the photographer in anyone.