Lanao del Norte

The highlight of any trip to Lanao del Norte has to be the waterfalls. It has more than 20. Take a 500-step trek to the ravine that houses Tinago (hidden) Falls. Mimbalut Falls is much easier to get to, as it’s accessible from the national road. The 98-meter Maria Cristina Falls is more than a tourist spot. It also provides most of the electricity for Iligan City, the province’s industrial and commercial center. Then there’s the two-tiered, 265-meter Limunsudan Falls – the second-highest in the country. Hindang Falls is also two-tiered, but at 12 meters isn’t much of a threat to Limunsudan.

The province’s caves and mountains are also worth exploring. The 487-meter Mt. Agad-Agad is an easy climb that rewards hikers with a panoramic view of Iligan City and the bay.