Discover Iloilo’s secrets — from the warm islands up north to the cold highlands down south. Discover the joy of a province full of historical sites, tropical beaches, and natural wonders.

Pay a visit to Miag-ao Church, one of the “Baroque Churches of the Philippines” that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This is by far the most photographed icon of Iloilo province. But there’s more to Iloilo than just heritage houses and old colonial churches.

Off the coast of Carles and Estancia in northern Iloilo, you’ll find white sand beaches and tropical islands. Gigantes Island is comprised of South Gigantes Island (Isla Gigantes Sur) and North Gigantes Island. Charter a boat to take you to the towering limestone cliff surrounding the bay of South Gigantes Island. Its long shoreline and placid waters are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Climb up the limestone cliffs and swim in the placid waters of Tangke Lagoon. Discover beautiful Pawikan Cave and its secret jungle.

Concepcion has16 islets. Pan de Azucar is the most popular, as it’s the biggest of them all, has golden sand and azure waters, and has a commanding view of Mt. Manaphag. The town of San Joaquin has a pretty church, a charming cemetery, and several beautiful islands. San Joaquin has a network of Marine Protected Areas along its shoreline that protect the diverse marine life that live there — the Balabago Marine Sanctuary, the Pagang-Guibongan Marine Sanctuary, the Tambi-Tambi Marine Sanctuary, and the Kuliatan Marine Sanctuary.

Trekkers will love Southern Iloilo. The beautiful Nadsadjan Falls in Igbaras, with its massive limestone rock, are crystal clear water gushing into a deep basin. The rough trail by the river that leads to the falls is dotted with giant boulders. A modest chapel stands on a hill with a view of the pastoral lands and rice terraces. Conquer Mt.Napulak, and you might spot the giant Rafflesia lobata in full bloom if you’re lucky.

Another must-visit in the south is Bucari in Leon. It’s known for its cold climate and pine trees, and rice terraces in Sitio Tabionan. Take a refreshing dip at Imoy Falls or in the miniature springs and waterfalls of Sitio Camandag.