Just a two-hour drive from Tagbilaran, the Danao Adventure Park is eco-tourism at its finest: natural attractions developed and maintained with environmental awareness through the support of the community. And the park’s extreme attractions are enough to satisfy even the most foolhardy adrenaline junkie.

Danao Adventure Park is nestled in the mountainous range of Bohol. Activities include outdoorsy fare such as trekking, rappelling, ATV rides, caving and kayaking down the Wahig River. Pluckier souls can try scaling giant tree roots (root climbing), bouncing down the river in a massive inner tube (river tubing) or going up, up and away in a motor-powered paraglider (paramotoring).

But there are three must-dos before you can claim to have truly experienced the park — and they all take place a breath-taking 200 meters above ground.

The Sky Ride, an open-air cable car, is relatively tame. The Plunge, a canyon swing that sends adventurers on a 45-meter free fall before swinging them back and forth like a pendulum, is a little higher on the adrenaline scale. And then there’s the Suislide — a zipline that traverses a half-kilometer gap between mountains; one of the longest zip lines in the Philippines. After you’ve worked up an appetite, go enjoy the organic dishes at the park’s own restaurant.

Before you leave Danao, pay your respects at the Dagohoy Marker. This memorial statue is a tribute to Francisco Dagohoy, an indomitable Boholano who led the longest revolt in Philippine history. The Dagohoy Rebellion against the Spanish colonial government lasted from 1744 to 1829 — almost 85 years!