Tourist Attractions


The iconic image of Albay is the towering, nearly-perfect cone of Mayon Volcano. Just the view of it is worth the drive. You can go anywhere in Albay and have Mayon Volcano in the background of your photos. The braver can go closer and climb up all the way to the volcano’s crater.


We know how difficult it is to choose which of the 7,107 islands to explore first. But if you’d like to hit roughly 100 islands in all at once, the Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos is the place to go.


Giant footsteps, an underground river, a heroine, and old churches make Abra a place worth discovering if you have an explorer’s spirit. Huddled in between the Ilocos and Cordillera Mountain ranges, it’s been described as “rugged” by travel books, but won’t be under-the-radar for long.