The beauty of Catanduanes has been talked about since 1987, when photographers and surfers from Surfer magazine visited Puraran Beach and hailed the island as a wave-rider’s dream. Drawn by stories of the waves’ perfect barrels, surfers from all over have been converging in Catanduanes. Especially during the peak months of August to September.

From the coast, you can sit for hours watching the waves cascading endlessly.

March to August promises drier weather, but the surf, swell, and howling winds of October and the rainier wet months attract more extreme adventure-seekers.

But besides the well-known waves and palm-strewn beachfront, the rest of this island province is mostly untouched. Rural village life is simple and unhurried. There is no rush to keep up with the modern world. It’s a total escape, with no big-city bustle, no towering buildings, and nearly no noise.

Come here to enjoy the quiet and calm that is Catanduanes.