Several years ago, Candaba was just a quiet town, a swampland that soaks up water from several rivers, including the Bulu and Penarada.

It turned out, the town plays an integral role in balancing the eco-terrain by acting as a catch basin of overflowing rivers before getting drained into the Pampanga river.

Wetlands. Half the year submerged, while the other half, used as farmland.

Then the birding enthusiasts heard of the ducks and the migratory birds, and suddenly, this wetland was on the tourist map.

The Candaba swamp is approximately 32,000 hectares and is teeming with wildlife.

From the months of October to April, you’ll find migratory visitors such as the Seven purple swamp hen or the Chinese pond heron. Oh and of course, the endemic Philippine mallard (wild duck to everyone else).