Butuan City

The balangay is Butuan’s iconic symbol. Pay a visit to the Balangay Shrine in Brgy. Libertad which houses the ancient excavated boats.

Afterwards, visit the Butuan National Museum and look for the replica of the 13th century solid gold image of a Hindu-Malayan deity—the Golden Tara. The Golden Tara was found by a Manobo woman along the banks of Wawa River in Esperanza, Agusan del Sur. A giant statue of the Golden Tara is found a few meters away near the National Museum, fronting the Balanghai Hotel.

Choose your adventure at Delta Discovery Park in Brgy. Bonbon. Hop on the buggy or ATV and test your driving skills. Or giddy up on a horseback ride!  If you like flying, strap yourself and zip your way to the verdant wilderness!

Also in Brgy. Bonbon is the freshwater Bequibel Shell Midden and the Bitor Shell Midden. The son of the owner of Bequibel Shell Midden can show you around the city.

The first mass on March 31, 1521 by Friar Pedro Valderrama, together with Portuguese conquistador Ferdinand Magellan, is also claimed by Butuan. Visit the Bood Promontory First Easter Mass in Masao, which is believed to be the site of the first mass.

Another historic spot is the Banza Church Ruins built in 1625 by Recollect friars but was burned down by Moro pirates in 1753.  The only remnant left now is the bell tower clad by a tree.