The city’s cool climate is a result of it being a plateau some 915 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountain ranges.

One of the area’s top natural attractions is Mt. Kitanglad – an inactive volcano that is the fourth highest peak in the Philippines at 2,899 meters, and an Association of Southeast Asian Nations Heritage Park. Another is the Pulangi River – one of the major tributaries to the Rio Grande de Mindanao.

If it’s plain adrenaline you’re after, then Dahilayan Adventure Park is the place for you. It has the longest zipline in Asia, offers ATV rides, and has activities for the whole family. There’s also Kampo Juan, which boasts of a 120-meter hanging bridge suspended 165 meters over a river.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Sumilao’s numerous caves are just waiting to be explored. And then there’s Baungon – home to two of the world’s rarest flowers.

The province doesn’t have the typical Philippine islands and beaches, but it does have an abundance of natural springs. Most of them are built into resorts such as the MGM Mountain Resort, the RR Family Spring Resort, and the Waig Crystal Spring Resort.

Bukidnon is rich in culture, as it has the living heritage of seven indigenous tribes: the Manobo, the Higaonon, the Talaandig, the Matigsalug, the Tigwahanon, the Bukidnon, and the Umayamnon.