It has a varied landscape even on the beach; on one part are sharp, rugged boulders where waves crash violently (be careful in this part), while in another is a smooth stretch of pure, cream-colored sand. It also has a 20-kilometer coral reef sprawl that’s home to king mackerel, trevally, and the endangered taklobo.  

Patar is the quintessential Filipino beach where huts are arranged on the shore: seafood and beer abound. And of course, you’ll hear someone belting out the latest pop songs on the karaoke.

 Santiago Reef, Ilog Malino Beach and Silaki Shoreline are replete with coral formations and fish. Bring your own snorkel since many of these beaches don’t provide rentals.  And of course, there are more beaches than you can count—Guiguiwanen, and Arnedo are just a few.

How about an expedition on the banca? The mangrove lined Balingasay River is an immaculate example of what a river should be. You can take a banca or kayak through bakawan groves. And to conclude your river cruise—the Bolinao Falls.