Bislig City

The stunning Tinuy-an Falls is this drowsy city’s claim to fame. Dubbed as the widest falls in the country, it is marketed as the “Niagara Falls of the Philippines.”  Its dazzling white water curtain gushes into the three layers of the falls. Adding to its charm is the rainbow that appears near the area every 9 am to 11 am.

Get down and dirty and see for yourself the magnificence of Bislig Caves. Be dwarfed by the mammoth Hinayagan Cave, Banbow Cave and Tatol Cave. Marvel at their stunning formations—from stalagmites rising from the floor to stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Be mesmerized by drapers, glittery frostwork and robust columns—but keep in mind not to touch them!

Exhausted from all the climbing and caving?

Hop on a boat to Hagonoy Island, and stay overnight at one of the modest cottages.  Bask in the beach by day, get tanned, feast on seafood, and feel the cool island air at night—what a lovely holiday!