It’s unquestionably remote. Kabugao, its capital town, only has 14,000 people. But that doesn’t mean it’s empty.  Apayao is teeming, brimming, even crammed with wildlife.

The Apayao River, said to be one of the cleanest bodies of water in the region, is now the newest white water river rafting destination in the country. A clean river means an intact rainforest nearby. Anag-Sicapo in Kabugao and the Agamata National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in Calanasan are quite a drive and hike, but are well worth the trip.

Stay in Pudtol and hit a few sights in one go.

Check out the Waton Subterranean River and walk through the Agora Wildlife Sanctuary.

For a quick overview of the province, climb atop Swan Hilltop View for a bird’s eye view of the Apayao river and the adjacent town.

You can also find church ruins in Barangay Mataguisa and Emilia in Pudtol.