Agusan del Sur

Agusan del Sur is CARAGA region’s biggest province. This landlocked province is inhabited by the indigenous groups of Manobo, Higaonon, Aeta, Mamanwa, and Bagobo.

The most significant natural attraction here is the protected Agusan Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary.  This massive ecological wetland is a habitat of migratory birds and wild animals. Ride a boat for a surreal experience.

Agusan del Sur is also bursting with waterfalls. Some are still hidden in the confines of dense rainforest and remain blissfully undiscovered. The two-tiered Tugonan Waterfalls gushes into enchanting emerald waters. Try resisting from diving into it!

The astonishing Bega Falls is tucked in the heart of the wilderness, and is frequented by local adventurers.  To get here, you need to trek along forest-shaded back roads. The placid Gibong River opens into Binaba Waterfalls which flows from natural springs.

A fast rising attraction in the province is Bunawan Eco-Park which houses the largest crocodile in captivity: Lolong.

Another pride of the province is the colossal Agusan Toog Tree. This ancient tree is regarded as the world’s third largest tree and is beautifully lighted at night.

But perhaps the most prized asset aside from its natural attractions is the Golden Tara (a figure of a deity) which was found by a Manobo woman in the Wawa River in Esperanza.  A replica is now housed in the Butuan National Museum.

Undoubtedly, Agusan del Sur is one of the richest regions in the Land of Promise – Mindanao. Here you can enjoy the unrestrained displays of raw nature far from the tedious trappings of commercialism.