Agusan del Norte

This bountiful province, although bursting with natural attractions, rarely sees tourists.  Discover Agusan del Norte and unravel its blissful underwater life.

Pack your diving and snorkeling gear and head out to Goso-on Fish Sanctuary!  Plunge into the unfathomable Vito Wall and explore its stunning wonders!

Canoeing in the placid Lake Mainit surrounded by lush scenery is on the bucket list of tourists visiting Agusan del Norte.  This stunning lake is one of the largest in the Philippines and is a sanctuary of varied fish species. Go boating around the serene Kalinawan River and commune with the dense wilderness that envelopes you.

Speaking of wilderness, scale up the gorgeous peaks of this region.  If you are fairly fit, trek Mt. Hilong-hilong. You can also climb the stunning Malimono Ridge. But if you want to see a surreal sunset, head to Mt. Carmel and take in the lovely scenery!